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Startup cleaning specials for new customers



Are you too busy to keep up with the house cleaning? We have great specials for customers to try our services while they are deciding which one is best for them.

Our startup specials allow you to try our service first with one of two discount coupons. Coupon 1 is $97.50 + HST for 3.5 hours of cleaning ($25 off a bi-weekly service price) and coupon 2 is $140.00 + HST for a 5 hour service ($35 off a bi-weekly service price).

Then if you want to continue with our service weekly or every two weeks you will get the next 2 cleanings at 15% off your regular price.

Lastly because we love getting referrals from our customers. If you do spread the word we will give them (your referral) the same startup special you enjoyed and as a bonus for you we'll offer 2 more 15% off cleanings to be used at your location.


Book your first cleaning now!


Give us three dates for the first cleaning. We'll try our best to get the cleaning on your "first choice" date.


Let us know which coupon you want to use at your location. No need to worry about payment now, we will contact you soon to confirm the cleaning date and talk about payment options.


Please provide contact and adrress information for the house to be cleaned.


Please let us know any special requirements for your cleaning. For examle: "Please don't let our cat get outside!"


We get allot of robots filling out our forms. Please acknowledge that you are not one of them! The letters are not case sensitive

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